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Atmos Mission 1 Dive Computer

Mission One is a powerful and intelligent dive computer for scuba and free diving enthusiasts. Its advanced alarm system provides instant vibration and intuitive display notification. Equipped with GPS and digital compass make users stay oriented underwater and meanwhile upload dive site’s GPS location to ATMOS’s divelog App above surface. Robust and sleek, it’s the most desirable dive companion to ensure professional and recreational divers the best diving experience.  See more info HERE.

Compatible with Subsurface Dive Log
In person training included (at our location) with Computer Diver Specialty certification option.

Download the user manual here.

Shipping to CONUS/APO/FPO only
(APO/FPO ordering instructions)

Watch Mode
Message/ call notification
Alarm clock
Second time zone
Wrist backlight activation
Digital compass
Freediving mode
Easy to read screen and big layout display
5 sets of depth alarm
5 sets of time alarm
Audible, vibration & display alarm system.
Surface rest finish notification
Ascent/ descent rate monitor
Fresh/ salt water
Record dive site GPS & Dive spot guide (surface use only)
100 divelog memory

Smart Dive CompanionConnect with ATMOS App to create digital dive log
Updatable Firmware (OTA, and cable)
Message and Call notification
Easy to read screen and big layout display
Constant Backlight, ideal for murky water, night dive and U/W photographer
Vibration, Audible & Display alarm system
Marks the dive site’s entry & exit GPS and shows in the Dive Log App
Surface dive spot guide
Constantly showing compass degree while diving, also able to lock a degree for precise navigation


Bühlmann ZHL-16c Decompression mode (GF configurable)
Single gas Air, Nitrox mode (Air mix 22-40%)
Easy to read screen and big layout display
Constant backlight
Digital compass
Audible, vibration & display alarm system
Ascent rate monitor
Record dive site GPS & Dive spot guide (surface use only)
Fresh/ salt water
100 divelog memory, graphical dive log
Dive planner
Reset residual nitrogen function
Gauge mode
Easy to read screen and big layout display
Bottom timer
Digital compass
Depth/ time alarm
Audible, vibration & display alarm system.
Fresh/ salt water
Record dive site GPS & Dive spot guide (surface use only)
100 dive log memory, Graphical dive log

Deep 6 Excursion Dive Computer

The Deep6 Excursion Dive Computer is an excellent choice for a primary or as a backup dive computer for recreational divers. Features include Nitrox capability from 21%-56%, three user-selectable safety factor settings, and Bluetooth integration for logging, settings, and software updates. 

The integrated gauge mode also makes the unit a great choice as a bottom timer or logging device for more advanced technical divers, while the Apnea mode allows you to use it for freediving as well.  All around it is a versatile unit that includes a durable clip charging design for the internal rechargable battery.

  • Single Gas Nitrox (21%-56%)
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C Algorithm
  • Safety Factors roughly similar to 35/75, 40/85, 45/95
  • Scuba, Apnea/Free Diving, & Gauge Modes
  • Bluetooth for logging and updates
  • Variable Brightness Backlight
  • Fast-Charging Mode (Up to 85% in 1 hour)
  • Residual Nitrogen Reset Function (Dive Centers)
  • 316 Stainless Steel Metal Parts (Weather Resistance and Durability)

Order Online

The User Manual can be downloaded from this link.

Complete Technical Specifications
Depth Limit 100 metres / 330 feet

Gas Support

Air & Nitrox

Oxygen percentage (21% – 56%)
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Battery

300+ Charge Cycle
Algorithm Buhlmann’s ZH-L16C
Battery Time – Diving Mode 25 hours with Backlight Active
Battery Time – Standby Mode 3 months
Log Storage 200+
Safety Factors Conservative / General / Non-Conservative
Screen Resolution 110 x 110 pixels
Screen Size 2.9cm / 1.14″
Weight About 95g
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Bezel and Button 316 Stainless Steel Metal Parts / Weather Resistant & Rustproof
Lens K1 Tempered Glass
Strap Custom NATO Strap
Working Temperature 0-40 degrees Celsius / 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit
Operating Temperature -5-40 degrees Celsius / 23-104 degrees Fahrenheit

To order, simply email or call 814-422-5383. I have only done in-person sales in the past but I am working on online ordering as I am currently expanding to carry a large variety of new equipment.